Why Great Coffee from the Gaggia Classic?

Some of us don’t get going in the morning without the first cup, while others disdain even to try a single sip of the dark drink. We are, of course, talking about coffee and its health effects. Drinking coffee has a long tradition. Already in the 9th century, a drink was made from the fruits of the coffee tree, the coffee cherries. Sometime later, they discovered the incomparable aroma that is created when the beans are crushed. That black gold has a stimulating effect was already known and popular back then. Coffee was and is also a respected drink in art and culture due to its increased performance. Today, green coffee is one of the essential commodities in the world. Make sure you make your cup of coffee the right way. If you need help in this area, definitely read our Gaggia Classic Pro Review.

Coffee and water

Opinions have always been divided about the dehydrating effect of coffee. Recent research shows that coffee does not draw more water from the body than other beverages. Those who regularly drink coffee also get used to the effect. “The thing about fluid loss is not true. It is true that the caffeine stimulates the kidneys and you feel a faster need to urinate. However, the glass of water helps to better recognize the taste of the coffee, ”explains Eduard Mayr, curator of the Austrian Coffee Competence Center in Vienna. The Austrian test magazine “Konsument” also states that only very high amounts of caffeine of more than 250 milligrams cause acute fluid excretion.

Caffeine is vasodilator

The health myths about black gold couldn’t be more different. Sometimes it is condemned for its supposed harmfulness; then, it is praised for its health effects. Current studies prove that coffee has a positive impact on the circulatory system and metabolism. It not only promotes digestion but also increases memory and muscle performance through the increased supply of oxygen. “But coffee also works against different types of cancer and against the formation of tooth decay. Because caffeine dilates the blood vessels, it also helps with stroke and asthma. But it has also been scientifically proven that couples who consume coffee have more love and eroticism than couples who do not drink coffee, “says Mayr.

The maximum amount of 300 milligrams of caffeine per day

The Austrian Coffee Association also points out the antioxidant effect of coffee. Scientific studies confirm that two to five cups per day increase the body’s cell protection. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to cardiac arrhythmias and impair fertility, but it can also cause nervousness and inner restlessness. Headache patients and pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should also limit their daily coffee consumption. The same goes for people who tend to over-acidify the stomach since caffeine stimulates acid production in the stomach.

In the beginning, there is the coffee cherry.

How is coffee made? First, the coffee cherries are washed, and the beans are removed from the pulp. After one to two weeks, the beans are dry, and the green coffee can be filled into bags for transport. Roasting usually only occurs in the importing country, since roasted coffee can only be stored for a limited time. During roasting, the color of the original green bean also turns dark brown. “There are 500 different varieties and 70 different species, but the two most important are Arabica, which grows in the highlands, and Robusta. At four percent, this variety contains twice as much caffeine as the beans of the Arabica variety, “says Mayr.

Annual consumption: eight kilograms

By the way, the most significant coffee drinkers are the Finns. The annual coffee consumption there is 11.3 kilograms per inhabitant, which corresponds to 1,737 cups per year. But we Austrians are real coffee lovers too. After all, we bring it to eight kilograms per year, that’s 2.6 cups a day. In comparison, per capita consumption in 1952 was only 650 grams per year. With over two million tons of coffee beans per year, Brazil tops the most extensive coffee producers list, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.

Caffeine and adenosine

The question that remains to be answered is why we wake up from drinking coffee. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and speeds up our metabolism. In doing so, it inhibits adenosine’s effectiveness, the substance that is responsible for the relaxation of the cell. The stimulating effect unfolds 30 to 45 minutes after drinking and lasts up to eight hours. Mayr: “Incidentally, espresso is the healthier choice because the coffee only has an average of 25 seconds of contact time. Filter coffee, on the other hand, has a longer processing time. ”As a result, it contains more bitter and tannins, which is why it is less digestible than an espresso.

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Why You Should Choose a Natural Dog Shampoo

What’s so great about dog shampoo? Well, a good natural best smelling dog shampoo will keep your dog smelling good all day and all night long. Besides, natural dog shampoo will also help to create a strong protective barrier against harsh or harmful elements such as heat and sun. Plus, the moisturizing natural oils that your dog normally produces are maintained and not washed off by poor products. These two reasons alone will keep your dog looking and feeling great for a long time to come.

Another reason is that a healthy dog shampoo can make your dog feel better. It can help to soothe and heal skin irritations, as well as relieve itching and dry skin. It can also help to soothe and relieve muscle pain, such as after a rigorous workout, or after a tough game of fetch.

All these benefits are achieved because of natural ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants, which have been shown to be effective in treating many common dog health problems, including dry skin, itchy skin and respiratory issues.

Dog shampoos should also be gentle on your dog’s skin. Most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and can even cause serious allergic reactions to your dog’s skin. In most cases, you’ll also find that these shampoos contain dyes, fragrances and other additives that can irritate your dog’s skin. The ingredients listed above can all irritate your dog’s skin. They do this by creating dry, flaky skin, which can also make them prone to allergies.

If you really want to give your dog a healthy, clean dog shampoo, you need to choose one made from all natural ingredients, and with ingredients that are not harsh on your dog’s skin. I suggest you start by researching your options before making a purchase, as there are many excellent brands out there today. You might even find some organic brands if you do a quick internet search.

As always, make sure that you read the label carefully before you purchase a natural dog shampoo, as you don’t want to buy something that could potentially be dangerous. You may also want to try some trial products to see if they work, and see if you can find any negative side effects before buying a particular brand.

Don’t ever think for a second that your dog will suffer from a bad day at the spa or salon. With some careful shopping and some good research, you can find an excellent dog shampoo for your pooch that will help keep him or her happy and healthy for years to come!

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Take Care of Water Heater During Winter

When the cold season is coming, you have no choice but to take care of your water heater. The minute you find out something is wrong with it, better call a plumbing professional right away. The last thing you would want to happen is to shower with cold water when it is already cold outside. The feeling won’t be good and other people living in your house will scold you for not fixing a problem that is pretty simple. Like they say, prevention is the best medicine so better take care of your water heater before it would make its presence felt. Yes, it is important to clean it every now and then. When it is winter, you can’t expect to turn on the air con anymore.

In fact, you would want to turn on the heater at such a high temperature so you will feel comfortable. That is easier said than done because you are going to have to do a lot of things. Consulting with a plumbing professional should be on the top of your list as they would know what to do when the weather changes. Yes, there are times when the weather changes as often as your girlfriend’s feelings for you so it would be great if you are prepared. Unfortunately, operating a water heater is easier said than done. You may even need the help of a plumbing professional (look at water heater repair near me) just to know how to operate it. It takes a lot more than searching for the correct procedure on Google. Even if you don’t want anything to do with the water heater, you have no choice but to deal with it.

Besides, every house has it and you need it to prepare for the cold season. There is no way to prevent the cold season from approaching as it just happens. Besides, you just have to face the facts that there are several seasons in one year. Thus, you can’t experience hot temperature the entire time and vice versa. If that happens, all your plants are going to die. It is definitely not healthy for everyone.

It would help if you clean your water heater every now and then. Besides, it won’t take long to do that chore. You just need to have the proper cleaning materials in order to accomplish this task. If you decide to clean all your appliances, you must jot down this appliance as one of the things you need to clean too. Besides, you will need to clean it at least 3 to 4 times a week. While cleaning it, you will lose a ton of calories along the way. You would not want to waste a ton of water as that is one of the basic needs in life.

Of course, you cant use all the water you have for drinking as some can be used for taking a bath and other purposes. It is also important to drink eight glasses of water a day so your body won’t get dehydrated. If you are the one who invested in the water heater, you know how much it costs and it is a pretty big investment. Thus, the last thing you would want to happen is to see all that money go to waste when it breaks down after only a few years of using it. When it is out of the warranty coverage, you really have nobody else to blame but yourself. You are going to look back at those times when you were not able to take good care of it. A plumbing professional would know what to do with the water heater so you can consult the person.

Better make sure the plumber is open to all your questions because there are some who don’t really like to be asked a lot. They know that if you learn how to fix the appliance then you may not call them next time. Yes, it would be great to think ahead rather than suffer the consequences now. It would not be smart to guess how to operate the heater as you may do it the wrong way. Besides, they probably provided an instruction manual so you can know the basics of the machine.

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Tips That Make Indoor Home Maintenance a Rewarding Experience

In a matter of fact, home maintenance does sound something tough to many of us and the general thought of carrying out such projects ourselves makes everything even much scary. Though, to other people, anything worth doing around their homes is a welcome distraction from all they plan to carry out daily. Such people normally like it most taking apart some things and try to rebuild them again knowing that they have fixed right the problem.

Even if DIY home maintenance projects seems such refreshing ones or even not, herein you will learn of the things you should watch out for when starting these projects, and all that you should first do when the time to do the actual task comes. Below are some tips that will not only turn this exercise a success but also limit some of the frustrations that are associated with these projects so that you will enjoy when undertaking them;

Start by acquiring the right protective gear and tools for this job
You should not just wake up and say you start to carry out a home maintenance project from nowhere unless this is a project that doesn’t require protection gears and working tools. All you should do is first coming up with a review of your entire house and know right on the specific things that you will be working on. Follow this by coming up with a clear schedule on the specific days you should be undertaking each particular maintenance aspect.

Once you have done this, it’s time you should go out and get protective gears like for instance an apron, some gloves and protective shoes that will all through keep you clean and offer you full protection from injuries that might happen during this period. Usage of the right tools is also a must to ensure that you work in the fastest and easiest manner possible, for home maintenance projects, consider getting a pair of screwdrivers, vacuum supplies and also the spanners.

Start your project with the HVAC systems and other home appliances
Inspect first the cooling and heating systems of your house to prove whether they are properly functioning (if anything isn’t, first contact spoed loodgieter Rotterdam). Your refrigerator coil and heater ducts should be vacuumed and consider replacing the filters. This should be a point of application to other heating and cleaning appliances that are available at your house. Each of the appliances obvious has a filtering aspect that will require to be replaced, vent systems that should be vacuumed and also a surface that should require some general cleaning.

All you should have in mind is that first switch off the appliances before you start working on them and then when you’re done and you have proofed they are dry, you reset them to their normal optimal settings. You should also care to learn how to do wall insulation installation to non-appliance installations like those that greatly contributes to the cooling and heating system efficiency as this will help you have an idea to repair the worn-out wall parts.

Inspect all the movable parts, the windows, and doors
As time goes by, your windows and doors will become loose. To add to this, other moving parts that exist all over the house is more prone to damage that normally starts slightly and then develops if immediate repairs are not done. In case you determine that the hinges on some of your cupboards have grown loose, then you should screw or nail them back.

For those who own the metallic units, all they should do is taking them apart first and thereafter follow by greasing their moving parts before you again assemble them back. For either way you would like to follow, you will be required to use the right oil or grease, the required tools for that particular job and some kind of support for the entire assembly job.

Check the rugs and floor for infestations
The surfaces and the floors should be your last bit of home maintenance. Start by checking at the corners for any cases of mold growth or dampness. Keep a look at all the wet areas like for instance the bathrooms that normally have high levels of humidity. Then after this think of removing the mold from your home may be through forcing fresh air in the damp areas or even using a household fan.

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How Safety Boots Can Protect You at Your Job Environment

The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear of workplace shoes is heavy duty footwear including steel toe boots. These shoes have reinforced toes that protect one’s feet from some hazards like heavy objects. These are personal protective equipment used in many constructions and industrial work sites.

There are numerous shoe varieties that exist that can ensure jobs are much safer on the general well-being of people around. There are other shoe varieties that can offer arch support, traction, and other benefits. In order to select the right foot protection for your workplace, you need to perform a hazard assessment and see the kind of risks involved such as sharp objects or slipping and falling that can pose danger to the employees’ feet. After that, go on and choose the boots or shoes that can provide the required protection.

Some people fail to recognize the importance of shoes at the workplace and end up concentrating on eye-wear and gloves. If you doubt the value of investing in footwear at the workplace, then you should be informed because foot injuries can result in one not attending work or even difficulty in performing the given duty. Generally, wearing safety boots at the workplace can prevent numerous foot injuries as follows:

1. Protect from flying and falling objects 

In instances where people are carrying heavy materials or in places where many machines, vehicles or people are performing some tasks, it’s obvious that flying and falling objects are common. Wearing safety boots can effectively prevent workers from getting crush injuries on their feet.

2. Protection from punctures 

You may find that the workplace has some sharp objects that can be stepped on or fall from above. Here, you require heavy duty boots with thick materials that will provide the best protection in the feet. For instance, in a construction site, there are usually many sharp objects around. Wearing a soft soled boot can’t offer enough protection.

3. Protection from cutting materials 

Machines that contain moving and sharp parts can cause harm to the workers. For instance, in the wood logging industry, there are feet dangers associated with chainsaws. In case the chainsaw comes into contact with someone’s foot, then the result can be very catastrophic. You require logging boots in this case that are made with cut-resistant materials in order to protect the operator who uses the chainsaws.

4. Protection from electrical injuries 

Electricity can bring some risks and disasters in the workplace. The workers can face electrical shocks or even accumulate static electricity, which might result in electric sparks in some environments.

In order to reduce electrical accidents, then non-conductive footwear that is made from rubber, leather or other materials is required. In environments where static buildup is common and possess a risk on the workers, then anti-static footwear is required. They normally reduce the static amount that accumulates on a worker’s body, while preventing static electric sparks.

5. Prevent slips, falls, and trips

Slips falls and trips can occur in some working environments and result in accidents. It’s important for businesses to implement some housekeeping measures and also install anti-slip floor tapes in order to reduce the chances of getting these mishaps. Having the appropriate safety boots can also protect workers against slips, falls and trips. Additionally, wearing working boots that fit you well and are comfortable also improves balance, which prevents slips, falls and trips.

6. Prevent fatigue 

In working environments where people stand all day, fatigue can be a real challenge. The muscles in the legs, back, and other places get tired and the situation can worsen if inappropriate footwear is used. Safety boots that offer adequate cushioning and arch support will make workers comfortable and alleviate strain on muscles. This means the workers won’t get fatigued quickly. Workers who are less fatigued tend to be more alert and are also likely to do their work more efficiently.

7. Prevent burns 

In some working environments where chemicals are used, burns from a fire can occur easily for instance in workplace materials such as cement. Having safety boots made from durable materials will prevent burns from any chemical or other molten metals that splash.

In conclusion, these are some of the ways safety boots can protect you in your working environment.

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What Makes a Quality Watch

A good quality watch is important for you to have a long lasting accessory that you can use for some time. There are a lot of good watches in the market today and choosing a quality watch is never easy. There are a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind for you to make sure that you will choose a good quality watch that you can use.

Know the mechanism

One important indicator of quality is the mechanism used for the watch. Keep in mind that manufacturers use different kinds of mechanisms for their watches. Mechanical ones are known to have good quality. They are also classic. Watches that use quartz can also be considered. You just need to remember that some watches can become expensive due to the mechanism used.

Watch case

You must make sure that the case of the watch that you plan to buy is of good quality. This is very important since it is the case the protects the watch from the harsh environment. There are a lot of materials used for the case like gold, silver and stainless steel. Titanium cases are known for their quality.


The face cover of the watch must also be considered. Try to see what material is in the face cover. There are faces covers that can easily scratch like those that are made of plastic. Try to choose the one that is made of sapphire or crystal.


A good quality watch has the features that you need for your activities. Take a look at the watch features . If you are a bit active and sporty, try to look for one that is water resistant and has a timer and stopwatch. This will ensure that you will be able to use the watch in your activities. There are some things that you have to consider for you to be able to buy a cool and good quality watch.

Case and crystal

The case and the crystal must be made of good quality materials. Try to look at the case of the watch. It must be well crafted. Try to ascertain what material is used for the case. Metals like silver, gold, stainless steel are the most common. If you want quality, look for a watch that uses platinum for the case. The face cover or the crystal must be of good quality and not made out of plastic that easily scratches. Sapphire is one good material that can be sued for the face cover of the watch.


Quality will never be at its optimum if the watch is not comfortable. Try to ensure that the band fits you the most. It must be made of good quality and comfortable material. Make sure that it matches the size of your wrist. This will ensure that you will be able to use the watch anytime comfortably.

Military watches

Military watches nowadays have kept their features as in the past. They are very useful for out-door activities, such as explorations and climbing. They are equipped with compasses, spot light and many other practical functions.

Now the watch markets are becoming more and more customized. You could buy watches with your own designs and features. So are the military watches. You could buy various military timepieces according to your own interests and favorites. When buying military timepieces, you need to pay attention to several features to make sure you bought the right ones.

The first one is when you buy military watches in markets, you need to know how to spot the fake watches. There are many brand manufactures produce military timepieces and there are many fake ones in the markets, too. If you want to buy high quality ones, the genuine pieces are the best choices.

Except for that, the other feature could indicate the quality of military watches is their durability. You need to check all the parts that form the watches. All of the elements should be made of high quality materials. If one of them is made from sleazy material, the watches won’t last for long.

As military watches, the other important functions should be indispensable, like water-resistance. It should be much more powerful than in other common watches. Because you are buying genuine military watches not only for fashion but also practical uses. If you keep these things in your mind, you would buy quality, cool and stylish military watches.

A good quality watch is never easy to spot in stores. Always remember that there are some factors that you need to consider for you to be able to choose a high quality watch. Try to remember the tips mentioned for you to have a guide.  A safe place to find quality watches is on NanaDC, go take a look.

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Benefits of Playing Foosball

Foosball, also known as table soccer, is a fun game and sport that is usually played on a foosball table. Since this this interesting game and sport involves playing football on a foosball table, the players usually use their hands and eyes to play the game and win. Table soccer involves 2-4 players who compete by moving the small foosball men on the table. These men are moved by maneuvering rods which also act as a handle till a player kicks the ball into the goal.

Reasons and Benefits to Start Playing Table Football

1. It’s a Game for All
Foosball is without a doubt, a game for everyone. There is actually no excuse as to not play table football because, in reality, it’s a game for anybody. Anyone, whether young at heart or young at age, can play foosball. This amazing and fun game does not require one to be fit physically, and it doesn’t need a lot of skills compared to other games. Foosball also doesn’t have many rules like football so anyone can play it even people who are physically disabled. In addition, foosball isn’t limited to men alone, but girls can play it too! All you need to do is learn the sport and with time, you will become a skilled table soccer player.

2. Foosball is a Great Way to Bond with Friends and Family
Since table football is a sport for everyone, playing it is a good way to bond and reunite with friends and family. Children can begin learning how to play it at an early age. Seniors can also play this game during their spare time. Since this game does not involve a lot of bodywork and skills other than coordinating your eyes and hands to play and score, it’s a superb way to spend quality time with your family and friends and even chitchat over anything.

3. Foosball is Superb Way to Talk About Business
Many business owners want a better and lighter way to talk with their prospective partners. In addition, most business people want to know deeper about the customers and partners they deal with, and this can’t be simply done by asking questions. Thus, engaging in fun sports or games is a good way for them to know more about the people they are dealing such as their personality and character. Like other sports, playing foosball is a great and unique way of talking business, because it creates a connection between you and your partners/investors.

4. Foosball can Bring out the Competitive Spirit in You
Table soccer is a sport you can play and definitely win. This is why it’s able to bring out the hidden competitive spirit in you. Because the purpose of playing any game is mainly to win, foosball challenges you to play it with all your best. In addition, playing table does not just reveal the competitive spirit in you, but also it enables you to strategize and think of wise strategies to win the game. So, it challenges both mentally and physically.

5. Foosball Teaches Good Sportsmanship
Of course, as mentioned above, the primary goal of playing foosball or any other game or sport is to win. However, playing foosball does not only offer entertainment and fun for you but also gauges your ability to play fair as well as be a good sport. So, by playing table football, you get to learn how to think wisely on the moves you are going to make and teach you to play fair in order to win the sport and not just trick your co-players. In fact, it would a good idea to add table football to your kids’ activities so that they will not learn the sport, but also learn the value of being tactful and playing fair.

6. Foosball Offers Health Benefits to the Players
Playing table football is a great way for one to recover fast especially if you are suffering from physical conditions. Since this sport involves the skill and art of coordinating your eyes and hands, as well as keeping your body active, it’s a perfect game for people suffering from brain injuries and arthritis. In addition, table soccer is a superb rehabilitating sport for those with bone and joint problems.

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3 Suit Brands to Up Your Fashion Game

What’s more important for a man than a suit when it comes to fashion? Even though it might look like an easy thing to choose, it is far from being easy. There are thousands of things you can do to mess up the whole outfit. But don’t worry. Right now we are going to name three brands to help you step up your suit game:


If you definitely want to be the center of attention, then this is the perfect option for you.  You can go with a bold choice and pick a suit with colors that you never thought you would use. Or you can choose a suit with a jacquard print.

Nevertheless, if you’re on a budget, then this is probably not the best choice for you. However, there many rental stores where you can rent a suit for only one day! How convenient.

Dolce and Gabanna

I’m sure we’ve all heard of this brand. It is known for its beautiful, elegant, bold suits. This is a brand that you can never go wrong with. They always bring the most elegant and classic types of suits. And it’s the best choice to make any men look like a thousand dollars.


And if you are looking for a luxurious suit, then this is the one for you. Founded in Rome in 1945, these ready-to-wear suits are something out of this world.

The designers put thousands and thousands of hours into making them, and the best thing is that you get to wear these pieces of art. These designs are timeless, meaning that no matter when you are using them, you’re always going to look good in one of these fits.

These three options, no matter which one you decide to go for, will always make you feel and look elegant and perfect.  Whether if you decide to go for a bold and daring look or if you want to go for a more classic and elegant style. The idea is that you feel and look confident, and no matter which one you choose, these three options make any man feel that way.

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5 Mens’ Watches Everyone is Loving Right Now

One of the most important things for a man is to own a watch that works for any occasion. Even though a watch is a basic wear, there is an incredibly large amount of options to pick from. However, this leaves with the risk of not using the right one for you. Here will show you  5 Men’s watches everyone is loving right now… and so should you!

Cartier Santos

You can never go wrong with this watch. It’s a masculine design that all men love. Elegance is the perfect word to describe it. It goes from 5350$ and even though it’s not cheapest; it is definitely worth it. It was specifically made for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont.

Montblanc 1858 Nato

This black watch is a classic, and by classic we mean vintage, and everybody loves a good vintage watch. It has a very sporty-look that goes with any type of clothes. You can get this watch for 3480$. And it was released early this year.

Jaeger Le Coultre Polaris Memovox

This contemporary design was inspired by Grande Moison’s classic created in 1968. With its stainless steel and waterproof characteristics, it is by far the best of the collection. But with such greatness, there’s also a great cost to pay. You can get this watch for 12,600$

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time

And in a more affordable look, this watch wins the prize on being stunning yet at a reasonable price. Its metal material makes it a pleasure to look at. After its first look in January, it left a lot of people with their mouths open. With its transparent case back, sapphire glass and 3 straps, it is definitely a must-get.

A Lange and Sohne Triple Split

This watch is on top of the list of the coolest and most impressive watches ever made. It’s the first split-seconds chronograph in the world. And on top of that, it is a beautiful watch to look at. The price is highly overwhelming but we think that it is worth it, you can get it for 105.000$

These watches are a work of art, make sure you always choose a watch you love. It’s a basic element that is going to make you stand out at all times!

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The 4 Best Collections of the Latest New York Fashion Week

This fashion week didn’t disappoint as it never does. Fashion has been in its peak this year and we were all looking forward to this New York fashion week. Many celebrities decided to join many of the runways, and we were all living for it!  Here are 4 best collections of this New York Fashion Week:

Ralph Lauren

The father of the sportswear left a lot of people with their mouths open and with tears in their eyes. Celebrating his 50th anniversary he returned to his hometown, in which he was joined with many celebrity friends, such like Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, and Robert De Niro.

This particular convention had a very visible western influence, with a lot of denim showing up the first half of the show, and for the sportswear had to make a special appearance, and all of the audience were left impressed by it.

Eckhaus Latta:

The seven-year-old brand was a brand that it wasn’t as well-known as the other New York Fashion Week’s designers. Nevertheless, this brand has quietly made a name for themselves this year. With their sexy looks and the “don’t-be-so-serious” style, they always go for the fun, enjoyable and almost childish designs and the people loved it!

Pyer Moss

This designer served looks for days with this collection. Celebrating black culture to its finest, Moss captured everybody’s eyes with the theme of these designs. His idea was to make everybody see the beauty of the everyday lives of the African-Americans.


This season, Telfar who is known for always bringing edgy, innovative outfits, made a beautiful, stunning appearance. Re-making Americana, he brought the 1950’s style. Adding to the mix, the denim made a stunning show up with a 1970’s inspiration.

Finishing up with a concert the left a lot of the audience stunned, with the R&B sounds, and with many known singers, it was definitely a show worth the wait.

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