What Makes a Quality Watch

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A good quality watch is important for you to have a long lasting accessory that you can use for some time. There are a lot of good watches in the market today and choosing a quality watch is never easy. There are a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind for you to make sure that you will choose a good quality watch that you can use.

Know the mechanism

One important indicator of quality is the mechanism used for the watch. Keep in mind that manufacturers use different kinds of mechanisms for their watches. Mechanical ones are known to have good quality. They are also classic. Watches that use quartz can also be considered. You just need to remember that some watches can become expensive due to the mechanism used.

Watch case

You must make sure that the case of the watch that you plan to buy is of good quality. This is very important since it is the case the protects the watch from the harsh environment. There are a lot of materials used for the case like gold, silver and stainless steel. Titanium cases are known for their quality.


The face cover of the watch must also be considered. Try to see what material is in the face cover. There are faces covers that can easily scratch like those that are made of plastic. Try to choose the one that is made of sapphire or crystal.


A good quality watch has the features that you need for your activities. Take a look at the watch features . If you are a bit active and sporty, try to look for one that is water resistant and has a timer and stopwatch. This will ensure that you will be able to use the watch in your activities. There are some things that you have to consider for you to be able to buy a cool and good quality watch.

Case and crystal

The case and the crystal must be made of good quality materials. Try to look at the case of the watch. It must be well crafted. Try to ascertain what material is used for the case. Metals like silver, gold, stainless steel are the most common. If you want quality, look for a watch that uses platinum for the case. The face cover or the crystal must be of good quality and not made out of plastic that easily scratches. Sapphire is one good material that can be sued for the face cover of the watch.


Quality will never be at its optimum if the watch is not comfortable. Try to ensure that the band fits you the most. It must be made of good quality and comfortable material. Make sure that it matches the size of your wrist. This will ensure that you will be able to use the watch anytime comfortably.

Military watches

Military watches nowadays have kept their features as in the past. They are very useful for out-door activities, such as explorations and climbing. They are equipped with compasses, spot light and many other practical functions.

Now the watch markets are becoming more and more customized. You could buy watches with your own designs and features. So are the military watches. You could buy various military timepieces according to your own interests and favorites. When buying military timepieces, you need to pay attention to several features to make sure you bought the right ones.

The first one is when you buy military watches in markets, you need to know how to spot the fake watches. There are many brand manufactures produce military timepieces and there are many fake ones in the markets, too. If you want to buy high quality ones, the genuine pieces are the best choices.

Except for that, the other feature could indicate the quality of military watches is their durability. You need to check all the parts that form the watches. All of the elements should be made of high quality materials. If one of them is made from sleazy material, the watches won’t last for long.

As military watches, the other important functions should be indispensable, like water-resistance. It should be much more powerful than in other common watches. Because you are buying genuine military watches not only for fashion but also practical uses. If you keep these things in your mind, you would buy quality, cool and stylish military watches.

A good quality watch is never easy to spot in stores. Always remember that there are some factors that you need to consider for you to be able to choose a high quality watch. Try to remember the tips mentioned for you to have a guide.  A safe place to find quality watches is on NanaDC, go take a look.

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