3 Suit Brands to Up Your Fashion Game

What’s more important for a man than a suit when it comes to fashion? Even though it might look like an easy thing to choose, it is far from being easy. There are thousands of things you can do to mess up the whole outfit. But don’t worry. Right now we are going to name three brands to help you step up your suit game:


If you definitely want to be the center of attention, then this is the perfect option for you.  You can go with a bold choice and pick a suit with colors that you never thought you would use. Or you can choose a suit with a jacquard print.

Nevertheless, if you’re on a budget, then this is probably not the best choice for you. However, there many rental stores where you can rent a suit for only one day! How convenient.

Dolce and Gabanna

I’m sure we’ve all heard of this brand. It is known for its beautiful, elegant, bold suits. This is a brand that you can never go wrong with. They always bring the most elegant and classic types of suits. And it’s the best choice to make any men look like a thousand dollars.


And if you are looking for a luxurious suit, then this is the one for you. Founded in Rome in 1945, these ready-to-wear suits are something out of this world.

The designers put thousands and thousands of hours into making them, and the best thing is that you get to wear these pieces of art. These designs are timeless, meaning that no matter when you are using them, you’re always going to look good in one of these fits.

These three options, no matter which one you decide to go for, will always make you feel and look elegant and perfect.  Whether if you decide to go for a bold and daring look or if you want to go for a more classic and elegant style. The idea is that you feel and look confident, and no matter which one you choose, these three options make any man feel that way.

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5 Mens’ Watches Everyone is Loving Right Now

One of the most important things for a man is to own a watch that works for any occasion. Even though a watch is a basic wear, there is an incredibly large amount of options to pick from. However, this leaves with the risk of not using the right one for you. Here will show you  5 Men’s watches everyone is loving right now… and so should you!

Cartier Santos

You can never go wrong with this watch. It’s a masculine design that all men love. Elegance is the perfect word to describe it. It goes from 5350$ and even though it’s not cheapest; it is definitely worth it. It was specifically made for the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont.

Montblanc 1858 Nato

This black watch is a classic, and by classic we mean vintage, and everybody loves a good vintage watch. It has a very sporty-look that goes with any type of clothes. You can get this watch for 3480$. And it was released early this year.

Jaeger Le Coultre Polaris Memovox

This contemporary design was inspired by Grande Moison’s classic created in 1968. With its stainless steel and waterproof characteristics, it is by far the best of the collection. But with such greatness, there’s also a great cost to pay. You can get this watch for 12,600$

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time

And in a more affordable look, this watch wins the prize on being stunning yet at a reasonable price. Its metal material makes it a pleasure to look at. After its first look in January, it left a lot of people with their mouths open. With its transparent case back, sapphire glass and 3 straps, it is definitely a must-get.

A Lange and Sohne Triple Split

This watch is on top of the list of the coolest and most impressive watches ever made. It’s the first split-seconds chronograph in the world. And on top of that, it is a beautiful watch to look at. The price is highly overwhelming but we think that it is worth it, you can get it for 105.000$

These watches are a work of art, make sure you always choose a watch you love. It’s a basic element that is going to make you stand out at all times!

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The 4 Best Collections of the Latest New York Fashion Week

This fashion week didn’t disappoint as it never does. Fashion has been in its peak this year and we were all looking forward to this New York fashion week. Many celebrities decided to join many of the runways, and we were all living for it!  Here are 4 best collections of this New York Fashion Week:

Ralph Lauren

The father of the sportswear left a lot of people with their mouths open and with tears in their eyes. Celebrating his 50th anniversary he returned to his hometown, in which he was joined with many celebrity friends, such like Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, and Robert De Niro.

This particular convention had a very visible western influence, with a lot of denim showing up the first half of the show, and for the sportswear had to make a special appearance, and all of the audience were left impressed by it.

Eckhaus Latta:

The seven-year-old brand was a brand that it wasn’t as well-known as the other New York Fashion Week’s designers. Nevertheless, this brand has quietly made a name for themselves this year. With their sexy looks and the “don’t-be-so-serious” style, they always go for the fun, enjoyable and almost childish designs and the people loved it!

Pyer Moss

This designer served looks for days with this collection. Celebrating black culture to its finest, Moss captured everybody’s eyes with the theme of these designs. His idea was to make everybody see the beauty of the everyday lives of the African-Americans.


This season, Telfar who is known for always bringing edgy, innovative outfits, made a beautiful, stunning appearance. Re-making Americana, he brought the 1950’s style. Adding to the mix, the denim made a stunning show up with a 1970’s inspiration.

Finishing up with a concert the left a lot of the audience stunned, with the R&B sounds, and with many known singers, it was definitely a show worth the wait.

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